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You always wanted to go climbing someday?

You´ve already been to many climbing halls?

You´re climbing on a regular basis in different climbing regions?



We have climbing tours for every level, to suit all tastes.


Look at our climbing-program!




Cycling means the freedom on two wheels for you?

You love to explore nature on the bike?

The mountain bike and you like to climb the highest mountains?



We offer you different bike tours.


Look at our biking-program! 





You enjoy walking in the silence of nature and discovering the landscape?

Your feet carry you everywhere?

Is hiking your way of becoming one with nature?



We take you on a wide range of tracks - not only following the Way of Saint James. 


Look at our hiking-program!



You always had the wish to go for a trip in a Kayak?

You think it´s great to see your surroundings from the water?

Your paddle strokes take you forward and you let yourself float with the stream?



We will take you on an unforgettable kayak trip through the beauties of Galicia.


Look at our kayak-program!





You always wanted to feel the thrill when you lift off?

To look at the world from above is your passion?

You like floating with the birds and love the slightly different perspective?



Rise up with us to the skies and enjoy Galicia from above.


still at planning stage!




You're dreaming of riding a horse on a beach?

You feel at home on the back of a horse?

You like to ride through nature with the wind around your nose?



Let a back of a horse carry you through Galicians variety.


Look at our horse riding-program!



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